Saturday, October 5, 2013

Good evening. Well I thought I would share a little about where I live. I am a bit private so I can't tell you exactly where, but I will share some photos and tell you it is remote. We live 45 minutes to the closest big town with a grocery store. We do have a small cafe, a convenience store (it costs $4.69 for a gallon of milk or $4 for a pound of butter), and a gas station. For 7 months out of the year the gas station is only open 8am-3pm, Tues-Fri and closes by 12pm on Saturday. What this means is if you haven't got gas by noon on Saturday you aren't getting ANY until Tuesday morning at 8am. But it is very beautiful, and I love living here. It just isn't for everybody. Here is a picture from up above the town on a steep grade...
As you can see, it is a small valley nestled in the middle of mountain wilderness. I know the picture is not that good but I took it with my phone which is the only camera I have. Below is a picture me and my Dear took while out on a mountain drive. We do that a lot!
It was a gorgeous sunset that night. I will be sharing a post of what I did with some tomatoes I gleaned next time when I get back to the practical stuff. See you then.

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