Monday, April 3, 2017

Menu Monday

Well this weekend was eventful and happy. I had my parents over for Sunday dinner and it was so good! I marinaded the steak all day, then I made a potato salad and baked beans to go with it. We had a fresh strawberry pie and home made whipped cream. It was wonderful to get to visit with my parents, and after dinner we watched a movie. It is called "At the Fork", and I purchased it at the Whole Foods store. It is a very informative interesting look at the food industry today and what animal welfare looks like in both the big agribusiness way of doing things and the more humane ways that are emerging. I am happy I purchased it. Here is what our menu will look like this week. 

Tacos - We are doing beef tonight, and all the trimmings. My 14 year old, Lil'bit will be cooking. 

Knoephla Soup (think Chicken Dumpling)
I found this recipe in a magazine at the doctor's office years ago. I will most likely do a salad, and Sis has an artisan herb bread recipe she does that she would like to make for us. 

Pepper Steak - Served with rice and fruit

Dutch Meatballs -  They have a delicious gravy that comes with the cooking of them. Served with potatoes, onion and carrots cooked and mashed together. 

We will be gone late on Wednesday as we are taking my dad to the VA hospital for an appointment. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive from where we live one way. It will be a very long day, and we will most likely eat out that day. 

Have a great week!

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