Saturday, March 18, 2017

Baking Days

So usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I bake. But since it is raining today, Saturday, and I can't get out into the garden to plant, I am going to bake. 

All kinds of things, bread, cookies, brownies, pie take shape in the warm kitchen on baking day. I also will bake other days if the need arises. We are trying to help out our budget by not buying candy at the store. Now to some this may seem easy, but in our house, my Dear Husband, LOVES candy. We even have a "candy drawer" in the kitchen that used to get filled every month with tons of candy. Chocolate, gummies, licorice, caramel, any and all candy was allowed we held no partial feelings to any one kind. But one thing I noticed was that we were spending way too much on candy. So I agreed to make treats and keep them available for my husband instead. I can make all kinds of things myself, and he is happy with the trade. I made THIS fudge for him the other day, and he loved it!

Here are pictures of a few other things I have baked lately...

Our go to bread recipe. I never buy bread at the store, this is what we eat for sandwiches. It is a mix of whole wheat and white flour.

Pretzels - we love to dip these in our home canned pasta sauce or I make a cheese sauce.

And these pretty cupcakes. We made them purple for my momma who loves purple.

We love to create and bake on our homestead. If you have questions about these or other recipes just ask in the comments section. 

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