Sunday, February 15, 2015

Around the homestead

Today I am going to post about all the glorious things I see...

Outside my window: I see a beautiful blue sky, the sun is shinning its glory all around the hills. And while for now they are still brown and dull looking I know the sunshine is helping to turning them into a beautiful vibrant green somewhere in the near future. The deer are out pawing through the remains of last years garden, every once in a while digging up a carrot to munch on. And the chickens are out in their run pecking around looking for little critters to eat. And off in the distance I see my beautiful Eagle Caps, adorned with brilliant white snow calling for me to come and visit for a while. 

Inside the house: I see an orderly home, all dressed up and clean, waiting for company to come over and have dinner tonight. I am making a ham dinner with pineapple sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls. And yes, this is a deviation from the weekly menu. The price of ham in my small town was way to high, so I never baked one earlier in the month which would have produced the leftovers for my Ham and Cheese pockets today. But this week we had to go to "big town" and I was able to pick up a large 10 lb shank portion ham for $.99 a pound and will be baking it today. This of course will alter things on the monthly menu for next week, but hey, being flexible is a necessity when you are trying to "homestead" in an apartment in a VERY small town. LOL

In the mirror: I am wearing woolly, fuzzy, polyester blend, yoga pants, a tank top (for some reason I am burning up), slippers with no socks (remember I am on fire) and no makeup, hair down and straight. Someday you will all be amazed at my snappy fashionable attire, just not today.

On my needles, and hooks: I am knitting a beautiful Harry Potter scarf for Sis (authentic style, just like the ones they had in the movie). It is a good thing I have more than one set of knitting needles or I would have to wait to knit anything else for like a year. This thing is taking FOREVER! On my hooks are a hat for my father in law, a pair of baby booties for Sis's baby hope chest, a set of finger-less gloves for Lil'Bit, and 2 newborn baby hats for someone in our valley who just had twins!

In the sewing basket: I see three new aprons for me, almost complete. (Pics to follow when they are done), 2 new receiving blankets for those beautiful twin boys, a new bed runner for my room.

Well that is what I see today on the homestead, I hope you are all seeing beautiful and wondrous things. 

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