Sunday, February 15, 2015

Making Commitments

So yesterday I did some baking and created the most beautiful and delicious baked goods for my family. I thought, "Oh I need to blog about this!" So with pictures and words at the ready I was going to share all about how I masterfully created something wonderful that should be admired and adored. Then I stopped and thought about the fact that how often do we read blogs about women and families who seem perfect. Sitting and wishing we could be like them only to be made to feel we somehow just don't add up. That is because in "blogland", very often I have found bloggers don't post their mistakes, failures and just plain flops. I mean who wants to read about those? Well I do. I want to know that everyone else is just like me, totally flawed, but by grace every once in awhile I have an awesome success and get it right. So first I want to tell you about the fact that the day before yesterday Lil'Bit had a friend over to spend the night, and I wanted to do something fun for them. So I mixed up a double batch of pretzel dough, telling the girls they could help me shape them into whatever shapes they wanted. It was a grand idea, but not one that would come to pass. You see I was also making scalloped potatoes and ham for a large surprise birthday party for my niece's new husband. Well when I had the commercial size pan of potatoes ready to bake, I turned on the oven to preheat it. Unfortunately the dough for the pretzels was in there raising. Well the result was not good, the dough halfway cooked into a giant dough ball. Now not only was this disappointing because of the waste of materials, but also it was disappointing to the girls. So I decided to just through it out and start again the next day...

Here is the result of a successful day of baking...
I made cinnamon rolls, onion and plain bagels, and also Bavarian Soft pretzels. And yes, it was all a success. I also made a homemade pizza for dinner as requested by my Dear. While this day of baking resulted on all these good foods, I have had my failures. I just feel it was good to share that. And to admit it was not the first time this week that I had done the SAME thing. I also cooked my bread dough instead of raising it earlier in the week by not turning off the oven when I was raising it. I always turn my oven to 170 degrees for 3 minutes then turn it off. I forgot to turn it off and therefore cooked it for an hour and a half at 170 degrees. Hahahaha! Again, it found its way into the trash. 
So now you know. I make a lot of mistakes too. I burn things, spill things, kill yeast and many other things. But I also have some successes, and I want to share everything with you all of the failures and all of the sucesses. I want you to know you can also have successes, even when you have failures.

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