Monday, February 9, 2015

Back to Normal

Well this last weekend was a busy one. I had the little man all weekend, and Sis and her boyfriend came out on Friday and spent all weekend with us. In addition it was my momma's birthday on Saturday. To get ready for having company, I re-thought the menu, I didn't want to make pork chops like I had planned on Friday night as they are one of the few things Sis doesn't like. So I changed it to Tatter tot Casserole for Friday, Crock pot Chicken gravy w/noodles for Saturday night, and Hamburgers on homemade buns for Sunday. For breakfasts we had homemade waffles, and I made bagels on Thursday. Here are some pictures of my making bagels. 

 It was pretty easy to do, and the bagels were a huge hit with my family. I made plain and onion, and we ate them with flavored cream cheese.

I made a custard pie for my momma, and we all visited and had a great time. I am now cleaning house today, making bread, and doing laundry. All things I do on a regular basis, and life is back to normal.

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