Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hello again! I once again have been absent from blogging for a good long while. And even though it has been more than a year since I have blogged and feel like I need to delete and start over, I am not going to do that. I am going to leave my old posts just in case someone can use any of the information I posted, and move on. I am going to start posting regularly though. I have had a lot happen since I last posted. So I will do a quick catch up on what is going on with us...

We moved to a new house, but in the same town. We are now the maintenance caretakers of the church we attend, and live in the parsonage in exchange for the work we do there. We are also the music ministers, and my Dear teaches the main message in a rotation on Sundays. The parsonage is a three bedroom, two bath house on a nice sized lot. I am still homesteading in town. For those who like me desire to homestead and live as simply as you can, but do not have the opportunity to have property with which to do it, I will continue to post and share my experience with you. Hopefully I can encourage others to start right where you are, and do what you can. I was able to have a successful planting and harvest here last year, and will post in the coming months on it as we get back into planning for the 2017 gardening year.

I started a home based business with my Dear, making and painting signs for home decor, and it has been doing well. Most of my signs have been sold to a brick and mortar store in another town who carries them and sells them for me. I have started an Etsy store to sell on also, but it has been slow getting started. I just have not put the time into growing the online site like I should have. My intent is to change that in the future and this blog will be linked to my store so you can take advantage of online giveaways and specials I will offer to you, my readers. In addition to the signs I also intend to sell my own soap line, dish clothes/scrubbies, aprons, table runners, and anything else I manufacture myself that suites my fancy. So those will all be coming too!

My family is fantastic! We are all healthy, happy, and doing well. I am homeschooling Lil'Bit and she is doing well. Sis has been living at home since April of last year, but plans on moving out sometime in the spring to attend the university in another town. She has been attending community college for the last 2 years but it is time to transfer to finish up her four year degree. She still wants to be a teacher of English to secondary students.

Our beloved dog, Peanut, passed away due to liver disease. We were very sad, and it took us a bit to decide on getting another dog. When dog of a friend of mine had a litter of puppies, we went out to see them. As soon as we saw this puppy we fell instantly in love!

Meet Summer Rain, she is our pride and joy. She is a smart, beautiful, funny, playful ball of energy that keeps us jumping all the time. As far as they can figure out she is Part McNab, part Border Collie mix. We love her like crazy. And also new to our family is our Seal Point Siamese cat, Jericho. He is just a baby still, and he is also very loved. We also found it was time after 4 years to cull out our laying flock, so at this time we have no chickens but plan on redoing our chicken coop to better utilize the area we were keeping them, and afford better protection to the future flock. We plan to restock in Spring of this year. More to come on that.

That is pretty much where we are now, but I will keep you all up to date on anything else I remember. Have a great day!

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