Friday, February 10, 2017

Slow Friday afternoon

Today was a bit of a slow day here around the homestead. I putted around, you know what I mean when I say "putting" right? Those times when you are really just not very motivated, but know you really should be doing something. So you just kind of slowly make your way through the day doing "stuff" but nothing really big. Like I did not clean the storage room and pack up all the empty canning jars, nor did I organize in the studio, or wash the mini blinds. All projects that need done. But I did make my bed, cleaned and straightened up all the rooms in the house, did a couple loads of laundry, and paid some bills. I also baked up some honey wheat bread. I made up this recipe today because I did not want to make my same old white bread recipe. My family and I thought it turned out really good. I am calling it honey wheat because I used a combination of white and whole wheat flour so I can't really call it honey whole wheat. It did make a beautiful loaf that had a good rise, and made excellent sandwich bread for our grilled cheese today. 

Our little kitty, Jericho, thought it was a lazy day too. He is making a permanent indent in my bed where he lays all of the time. But he is really cute, so I don't fuss about it too much. 

And I also worked on a couple of new signs for my Etsy store. If you are interested there is a link to my store in the side bar. I also love to do custom work so if you ever see a sign you like somewhere but its not for sale, or you have an idea you would like to have done, just give me a holler. 

Last night I made my momma her birthday dinner. She wanted real old fashioned fried chicken, pasta salad, and baked beans. I also made her a white cake, with huckleberry filling and cream cheese frosting. 
She came over early and just sat in the kitchen with my two girls and I and visited while I cooked. It was a great time and the food was pretty good too. Here are some pictures of the chicken, and what was left of the cake after we ate. There was not much left. It was just that good! Well that is all for today. See ya on Sunday for the Sunday Snapshot. Let me know in the comments if you ever fry chicken and what your method is.

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