Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Menu Monday...on Wednesday

Well I know, I know it is actually Wednesday, but I am happy to say we got to town yesterday to pick up our beef. It was A LOT of beef! In the end it was 670# of beef, and it took this many coolers to get it home...
The brown boxes in the forefront of the picture are the 60 lbs of whole chickens I picked up from Zaycon Fresh. We have all of our beef and pork raised locally. The beef ended up costing us $2.79 a pound raised, cut & wrapped, and in the freezer. You can not buy good grass raised without a bunch of chemicals beef in the grocery store for that. And that price is for all cuts from stew meat to hamburger to T-Bone steak. So while it is a large out of pocket expense at the time, in the long run it is so much cheaper to do it this way. We hope to raise future beef on a friends property so we will have an even lower cost. Also we are looking into taking a pork butchering seminar to do that ourselves also. But back to the menu, here is what my cooking week looks like...

Monday - Tacos, with all the trimmings

Tuesday - I got burgers for the family, and I ate leftovers. We rarely  eat out.

Wednesday - Pepper Steak, rice and green beans

Thursday - Fried Chicken, pasta salad, baked beans. My momma's Birthday Dinner

Friday - Stuffed Pork Chops, fried potatoes, peas

Saturday - Homemade Pizza, salad

Sunday - Hobo packets  (I will post on this one, a real easy meal my family loves!)

That is it for my week of cooking. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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  1. Love your menu!! I've been wanting to make some potato salad.. Crystal