Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snapshot Sunday

Hello all! It is Sunday here on my little homestead. And I am going to start doing what I am going to call Snapshot Sunday. I have done similar posts in the past, and so I decided to make it a regular post. I also saw a post like this from a fellow blogger over at Homemaking on the Homestead, and she invited her readers to copy her post and use it as a template, fill it out and link back to her page. You can find one of her snapshots posts hereI am going to make my categories a bit different so as to fit more of what I do. I am also going to do mine on Sunday, as that is my day of rest and relaxation, and I will be able to recap the week and what the happenings were. 

Outside my window: It has been overcast and wet today. We have had a LOT of snow around here this winter. Much more than is normal for our area, kind of like everywhere else in the country. Day before yesterday we had 2 feet of snow accumulation in our yard but the warmer temperature, 37 degrees, and wet weather has melted half of that away. 
 Inside the house: Sunday is the only day during the week that I tend to just sit and relax, it is very quiet in our house. Sis is working on homework, Lil'Bit has a migraine, and is laying down. I am at my desk writing, with my dog at my feet. Candles are burning making a sweet smell in the air, and I can hear the furnace running keeping us toasty warm. 

In the mirror: Since it is the Lord's day, and I attended church earlier, I was wearing gray leggings with knee high gray boots. I wore a long cowl neck mauve sweater with silver earrings. Today's makeup was powder, mascara, a little blush and chap stick. I wore my glasses instead of my contacts, and my hair curled just at the ends and all down to my waist. Now that I am home, I threw my hair up into a messy bun, put on my Oregon ducks pj pants and t-shirt, and slippers.

On my needles, and hooks: On my needles, I am knitting a hat for a friend of my son, Coco, that has been fighting breast cancer. It has been so cold here where we are from, and with her having had chemotherapy, she has no hair to keep her head warm. This hat should help to do the trick. Her favorite color is purple, and I found a cute basket weave brim pattern. 

I am also knitting a couple of dish clothes from a pattern book I have, and I am getting ready to knit some socks for the first time. I will let you all know how that goes. 

On my hooks I have been working on crocheting dish scrubbers using Red Hearts Scrubby Yarn. So far I have not had any problems with using it, and I have finished one in green and I am starting one in the rainbow color. The pattern was the one on the back of the yarn packaging. One thing I will say about it is that the solid colors are 3.5 oz packages and the variegated ones are 3 oz, but cost the same price. I purchased mine from Walmart. And it was about $4 per skein. 

In the sewing basket: I am making some gathering aprons for my sister, my niece, and myself. I am using a pattern I got off of the Reformation Acres website. The pattern and a detailed tutorial with pictures can be found here. I just LOVE her blog, and you can find such wonderful inspiration and information there.

What I am reading: I started reading through the bible in a year with Connie over at Cosmopolitan Cornbread, here is the post where she provides her link to a printable schedule if you would like to join us on the journey. 

I am also reading this cookbook. And while that might sound weird to say, this cookbook has stories all through it, and some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen. If you watch the show and are a fan at all, I highly recommend the cookbook. It is really great. 

So that sums up my Sunday snapshot. I will continue to post each week and keep you posted. Have an extraordinary Lord's Day!

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  1. Hello Mona!! I LOVE this!! Looks like you are busy.. :) I love your categories... I love your pic!! I'll be back to visit. Hope you have a blessed week my friend.. Crystal :)