Sunday, February 12, 2017

Snapshot Sunday

Hello all! Another Sunday has come to my little homestead. And it has been a great and busy week. I have done many projects, spent time with family, and enjoyed a sunny bit of change in weather. Today my Dear had his week come up in the rotation for teaching the Sunday sermon, and he taught on having a pure heart. It was such a blessing to hear his words from the Lord. I am so thankful to have a husband who is so willing to follow the Lords leading. Another thing I was thankful for was the rest of my seeds came in the mail!! Whoooo hooo! I just love going to the mail box and seeing a big ol'package of seeds. It just made my day. Well that and these beautiful cupcakes I made today that Sis decorated beautifully with definite flair....

So on with my Snapshot!

Outside my window: It was cold earlier in the week, with temperatures in the 35 to 39 degree range. But a couple of days have had the most stunning show of sunshine. It is like your body goes into withdrawal after days of just nothing but overcast skies, and your mood seems to drag down with the clouds and mist. Then when the sun shines it just feels like a weight has been lifted. At least that is how it feels to me.

 Inside the house: Again it is quiet, I hear the dishwasher running, Sis laughing at a video she is watching, and the dog whining because no one will throw her baby (her toy) for her. Today Lil'bit went over the hill to an audition for a talent show. She has a true love for singing, and we are really hoping she got in, and will get to preform. We should know by Wednesday. My Dear is relaxing after teaching this morning and watching videos. 

In the mirror: This morning for church I wore my hair up in a big messy bun, and very light makeup. I wore dark blue jeans, a peach sweater, and a very light tan pair of knee high boots. Now I am sitting here in sweats, a dark green sweatshirt and these slippers, they are VERY pink, fuzzy, look totally ridiculous, and are very comfortable. 

On my needles, and hooks: On my needles, I am knitting This head warmer or headband for myself. I purchased the pattern from Heidi May at the Velvet Acorn from her shop on Etsy. I love all of her designs. She does almost all of her patterns in both knit and crochet so everyone can do them doing whatever their preferred method. This is a brown wool yarn I had left from a scarf I knit my son for Christmas one year.
I still have not started those socks but I am going to someday. Of course I have been saying that since I started knitting, and I have not gotten around to it. I also have a hat that I have finished but still need to stitch up the final seam. I will put some pictures of that later. 

On my hooks I have a dishcloth in this creamy white color. It is 100% cotton Peaches and Cream by Lily yarn which is the only thing I use for my dishcloths. It is a very simple pattern, and I like the pretty look of it. Who ever said dishcloths can't be pretty?

In the sewing basket: I finished this quilt for Sis, and put the borders on it. I love this material line, I believe it was by Moda, and was called "Kimmie Doll" or something like that. It has an Asian theme, and is red, white, black and taupe. Sis loves it, and is excited to put it in her living room when she moves into her own place.

What I am reading: I am continuing my journey through the bible and I am still in Genesis and Matthew. The schedule I am using, has you reading in the old and new Testaments at the same time. I actually like this. 

I am also reading this cookbook. I am hoping to get into more of the artisan type breads and this book has a great way to incorporate that without it taking a ton of time. I like the way it is laid out, and it is a good read. 

So that sums up my Sunday snapshot. I hope to post a recipe this week, and a link to a great video on a quick baby blanket project that makes a great gift. Until next time, have an extraordinary Lord's Day!

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  1. Love your slippers!! :) .. they look so cozy.. Your quilt is beautiful.. I need to look into this bread book.. I've not made bread in a while.. this looks inspiring. Crystal :)