Tuesday, February 7, 2017

WELCOME Tuesday!

Whew! I am glad to see Tuesday! I realize that I did not post "Menu Monday", but that was because I had a CRAZY Monday. Like the kind that makes you wonder why you got out of bed Monday. Here let me just share a one minute realization with you from yesterday...

At one point was trying to home school my sweet little one, (or more like Napoleon Bonaparte), my other daughter was upset because her computer had died, (she does online college), the phone was ringing because my mother turned subtitles on on her TV and could not get them off, on my cell phone was my pastor's wife was calling because she needed me to pick up her chicken in town, the dog was barking because my shadow kept moving, we had water POURING out from under our shower so my Dear was under the house shouting things he needed to me, the cat was running all over the house throwing up, and I was trying to make muffins...seriously, you can't possibly make all this up..

But by the grace of our benevolent Lord, I survived...or at the very least I still woke up today. And I did get these beautiful pumpkin cream cheese muffins done..

And I made Banana Chocolate Chip also. Unfortunately our bathroom floor is trashed! We had just put in new flooring in the house when we moved in May of 2015, but the problem was going long before that and just finally showed its ugly self. So now my bathroom floor looks like this...
 UGH! And it smells and every thing. So upsetting, but we will get it dried out, then replace the sub flooring if needed, and reinstall the flooring. At least upon examination there is not structural damage which could have bee a problem so we are thankful for that. Today I am off to "town", it is an hour away and we have this going on outside..

But I have to go because I am picking up over 700 lbs of beef that we had butchered, and also some chickens from Zaycon. Zaycon is the only place I still buy meat that we do not have raised. I will post on that later. I really am going to get to that Menu Monday post....but it will have to be when I get home from town.

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